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Do you only help established, big companies or do you also work with start-ups?

We work with both, big companies and young, ambitious start-ups.

How does DigitalCoop ensure high quality execution of its freelancers?

All our freelancers went through a thorough CV analysis and interview before being taken into our consultant pool. When a project comes in, we have another interview to test fit and motivation. After that we arrange interviews with the client. During the project we stay in close contact with both the client and the freelancer to ensure everything works as planned.

When should I use DigitalCoop freelancers?

There are three general scenarios in which the use of DigitalCoop freelancers makes sense:

  1. Resource gap: you lack internal resources to carry out a specific project within your organisation.

  2. Expertise gap: you lack internal expertise necessary for a specific project.

  3. Uncertainty of scope: you want to test a marketing channel but you do not want to hire a full time employee before seeing first results.